Our Story


A 20 minute car ride lead to a conversation between Dr. Aqueel Khan & Prabhakar Rawat that stimulated the thought to bring economic empowerment and financial support to poor, sparked off the idea to start Mitrata.
Aqueel, a social entrepreneur with development background, wanted to work on the issue of economic empowerment and livelihood for the poor and excluded groups in general and a poor brass worker community of Rehmat Nagar in Moradabaad, UP in particular as he had worked closely with this community on issues of child labour, girl child education and overall child rights through Project- Sankalp.         
Prabhakar, a seasoned consumer finance professional, having worked with some of the best financial services groups like Citi & Barclays, was keen to use his skills and professional experience for the idea of ‘economic empowerment of poor’; At the same time, having nursed the secret ambition and ‘itch’ to dirty his hands with entrepreneurship, was willing to take the risk of quitting the comfort and security of a well paid MNC job.
Thus Mitrata was registered with legal name as AT GRASSROOTS in July 2009 and was launched on 01st Dec, 2009.