Geographical Outreach

Mitrata Division works in three districts within Uttar Pradesh - India as follows:
1. Moradabad
2. Sambhal 
3. Barabanki 


MIFS increased its footprint by adding another district (Sambhal) in Uttar Pradesh taking the total tally to 3 districts & reaching out to clients in more villages year on year.


Increase in loan outstanding in all districts:  MIFS has grown the loan outstanding with all the 3 districts growing in portfolio.


Increase in client outreach: MIFS has focused on reaching out to more Clients year on year.


Loan Utilization
A total of 8107 poor & vulnerable families in FY 2015-16 have received financial assistance under this program, which has been used by them for both increasing their income as well as qualify of life improvement needs. Some data for same is provided as below:

74% of the loan disbursed has been utilized for income generation purposes while rest 26% has gone toward contributing improvement of quality of life of our clients.


Within the ambit of loan utilized for income generation purposes, almost 50% of the loan has been utilized to support small business & enterprises, while 24% of the loan has been used by our clients to expand/strengthen their existing enterprise. The agri & allied activities have absorbed 16% and rest has been in brass, handicraft & other productive purposes.


Out of the loan amount utilized by our clients for improvement of their quality of life, 45% have utilized to improve their housing related needs, while 28% of loan amount has helped our clients in meeting their important & critical social obligations; rest of the amount has gone for education, health & other purposes.