Operational Highlights

A. Increased Outreach and portfolio growth
In the FY 2015-16, we increased our outreach in both width and depth by expanding to another district- Sambhal, near Moradabad, UP, as well as reaching out to more villages and communities within our current districts of Moradbad and Barabanki.
This helped us in increasing out active clients by 176% and portfolio outstanding by 265% on one hand and reducing our portfolio concentration in Moradabad and Barabanki on the other hand.
B. Growth of disbursal and improvement in productivity per CIC (Cluster In-Charge)
With the focus on growth and productivity, our annual disbursal increased by 239% from 5.35 Cr in FY 2014-15 to 13.25 Cr in FY 2015-16 with highest monthly disbursal jumping from 50 lac per month to 1.4 Cr per month by Mar 2016.
Our CIC (Cluster In-Charge) disbursal productivity also improved from Rs 1.5 lac per month to approx Rs 5 lac per month by Mar 2016.