Life @ Mitrata

Our Name MITRATA defines Our Work Culture!
Welcome to a young and vibrant NBFC MFI that offers opportunities to fulfill your aspirations!             
At MITRATA, we consider our employees as our Human Capital that comes together to achieve not only the organizational goals but to improve upon their knowledge and skills with each passing day to achieve their own personal and professional goals.It is the fun filled environment, highly conducive to learning and growth that welcomes new joinees to MITRATA. Here, you find colleagues and team members to be warm and friendly, and the Team Leaders to be encouraging and motivating.
A strong Induction Program supplemented by On The Job Training helps the new employees to get in the groove of the work culture which in itself is highly supportive and conducive to the growth of the individuals and the organisation. The Functional Heads and the Department Managers act as mentors and guide to each new employee. Our Human Resource Department works as a facilitator and helps in quickly resolving issues, if any, faced by the employees and also extend its reach to the immediate family members.
Increments, promotions and job rotations coupled with cross functional trainings helps in capacity building of our employees leading to overall growth and development. MITRATA is known for its zero tolerance policies on Sexual Harassment and have a very strong Grievance Handling Mechanism.
We take pride in being Equal Opportunity Employer and offer generous compensation package!
If you have the required qualification, skills and determination not only to reach the top but also serve the marginalized section of Indian society, our doors are open…Please send your resume to